Anklin Forrest Block Party

September 20th 2021

Anklin Forrest
Block Party

The date is September 20th, 2021, and The location is outside The Bellion’s house on Widgeon Way. The theme is tropical Islands. The table seating is marked with wearable name tags, and raffle tickets will be provided at the entrance. The finest DJ to get us up dancing while shaving cream wars rage on the fringe. The event seating spacing will be appropriate considering these fragile times. The event will have yellow wooden roadblocks in the street on either side to prevent any misunderstanding. At the entrance, you state your name to except your gift basket, name tag, event catalog of events, and seating placement. The gambler’s tuff guys table with heavy cigar smoke is right near the food area, so they could approve everything is up to the standard. Listen-up tents on the lawns campers, ring, and run is a must. The sides form will arrive if you plan to attend. The loudspeaker for poets and announcements is through the DJ’s PA system. Our video and photographer records the day’s events with a YouTube music video, and still images are available for download. Candles are mentioned on the invitation to bring along with a few fire extinguishers located in the front and rear near the cooking section. Table cloths and bug spray since the smells and attention attract them as the sunsets. Paper plates and cups, salt and pepper, mustard, and ketchup could all happen from some gracious donations from the community of a form. Sauerkraut, Burgers, hotdogs, buns, board games, Pin the tail on the donkey. Bike and street sprint races, Bicycle freestyle, and vert wooden ramps contest. The Popcorn Movie Awards happen at the end where we watch a film of unanimous choice by the preferences form.

Committee Members – Glenn Bellion (Invitations & Banner) – Katrina Louisiana (Drinks) – (Barbecue) – (Fireworks) – (Music) – (Security) – (Doctor) – (Prizes & Gifts) – (Video & Photography) – (Chairs & Tables) – (Food) – (Entrance) – (Tarps) – (Set-up)  – (Street Fireworks & Permits) – (Garbage & Clean-up)

Games – Wiffle Ball, Hockey, Tag, Hide and Seek, Water Balloons, Bouncy Air & Ball Pit, Bobbing For Apples, and Hopscotch.

Contests – Car Show, Fashion Runway, Clown, Street Chalk, Magician, Comedy, Bands, Dog Show, Dancing, Dunk Tank, Water Gun Wars, and Shaving Cream Wars.

Events – Pool 5PM, Orchestra 6pm, Dunk Tank 7pm, and Fireworks at 9pm.

Menu – Barbecue Pork & Chicken, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Steaks, Corn, Soda, Root Beer, Piña Colada’s, Beer, Wine, and Ice Cream Deserts.

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Widgeon Way 3900
Waxhaw 28173 NC US
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