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Anyone Bored & Annoyed
Is Especially Invited

There are supposed to be 3 block parties per year which includes a Christmas progressive dinner at the end of the year. The recent Hurricanes remind us that being there for each other is what it’s all about. This puts into action what we are taught at our places of worship, and it instills in our children the values we wish to emulate world-wide. One of the many ways we can do this is to begin in our own neighborhood with our neighbors. This NC Block Party directory is a great way to begin putting our hard work into action! By doing this, it creates the heartbeat and rhythm in our communities that we all deserve.

The NC block party enrichment process is in effect looking at it this way. Instead of experiencing our neighborhoods as if we’re on a large cruise ships waving to each other from our cars. We put on the pads and huddle-up calling a play. This experience or play of getting together could hurt, but it more than likely will end with everyone feeling much more happy. So say the quarterly chicas section notices a lagging cub that looks like breakfast to them. They simply arrange a meeting of what they know will totally cure and enriching that young mans life. Sample Listing

Washington Block Parties


It’s true dogs can send a message to the technology greats across the country by barking. So laughing hysterically we all finally end the language barriers and onto greatness.  GO

California Block Parties


Block parties must be hysterical with their Hollywood entertainment vibe. As I stand before you as Patton in the beginning, I hope we all realize real soon the power of one currency.  GO

Arizona Block Parties


Add your block parties facts to your blocks free location synced party page. Below your page in the comments section party goers can plan the food that they are to arrive with.  GO

Texas Block Parties


List your Texas block party on the American Block Parties platform for free. Elevate happiness and joy with your communities own Block Parties page updating it with ease.  GO

Georgia Block Parties


Has the most delicious cajun food on the planet earth period. They also have the most wonderful golf knee surgeons that when they say they made it better and stronger, they mean it.  GO

North Carolina Block Parties

North Carolina

Has an unbelievable rate of youth golfers taking advantage of the power of time. Take notice of their Holy plan to light Charlotte roads up with perpetual view-able motion creating smiles.  GO

Dodge Ball • Dodge, Duck

Tools – A game in which players in a gym size area try to hit opponents on the other side, eliminating them with a ball.

Charlotte Block Parties Directory at the beginning of the summer season is a great time to start, followed by an end-of-season party. A great way to end the year with your neighbors would be a Christmas progressive dinner where you can share the season with your new-found friends and neighbors. What to expect at these theme parties are: music dj, bands, games, piñata, musical chairs, comedians, clowns, face painting, bean bag, shaving cream wars, water belloon skirmishes, street hockey, ring and run, dodge ball, wiffle ball, fireworks competition, raffle, fashion show, etc. Refreshments could be catered or donated by neighbors.

Upload photos on your block’s free page listing the party dates and times. When you create this page you are acting as the treasurer, delegating responsibilities through an ongoing conversation on your own American Block Parties page. Wherever you are in the world it strengthens friendships, and eliminates boredom and mistrust. These annual get-togethers help to create trust, caring, understanding, along with lending a helping hand to neighbors in need. We plan on creating a music supernova for all towns like Waxhaw, NC to understand the importance of a town center. Something like a lake with retail shopping much like Historical Williamsburg, Virginia.

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